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Saturday, August 23, 2014

Cop busted with a kilo of cocaine while driving her kid

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Montgomery County, Texas – A Houston Police officer is off the job after authorities say she was caught with a kilo of cocaine.

Federal agents and deputies with the Montgomery County Sheriff's Office allege that Jasmine Renee Bonner brought her 6-year-old son along for the drug deal.

According to the Montgomery County District Attorney's Office, Bonner transported the 1,000 grams of cocaine to an Academy parking lot in the 25000 block of the North Freeway on Tuesday.

Her boyfriend, Derryck Collins, allegedly removed the cocaine from the 26-year-old's trunk and then placed it in his car.

Bonner allegedly left and began driving up and down the feeder road to make sure nobody was following her.

Undercover agents say they had already recorded her on video and audio as part of a federal narcotics investigation. She was arrested at a gas station in the Woodlands less than 30 minutes later.

"It's not good looking for the police force. She represents the law," said neighbor Joanne Daoud. "This is a shame to the police force."

Bonner has been with Houston Police since 2011 and worked in the juvenile division.

She's now in jail in Montgomery County on $1 million bond on a charge of intent to deliver/manufacture a controlled substance.

Collins is being held without bond because he had recently bailed out of jail on marijuana and money laundering charges. He also has once drug conviction out of Harris County.

Child Protective Services tells KHOU that it is not currently involved in this case.

Source: USAToday

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